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Meet the Mentor



Get the answers you really need to succeed! EPPS “Meet the Mentor” series provides an informal opportunity to network one-on-one with senior PR executives.


“Meet the Mentor” sessions typically precede monthly panel discussions. Participants get top-level advice on a current campaign, how to land a job, how to approach a specific media outlet, and more. No question is off limitsl


Meet the Mentor

SCOOP, Seminars for the Savvy Publicist

Designed to accelerate both the traditional and emerging media PR on-the-job training process, SCOOP delivers corporate seminars for today's environment with companies global and boutique. Individuals can jumpstart their careers in a six-hour intensive one-day program which features success examples based in the entertainment industry. SCOOP has been endorsed by EPPS and serves as its Education Sponsor. SCOOP is offered to EPPS members at a discounted rate. Seminar details at


"Inside SCOOP" Interviews

Authored by EPPS Education Chair Sandi Padnos, President, SCOOP, Seminars for the Savvy Publicist. Every issue of the EPPS Connections newsletter contains a casual yet informative interview with a leader in the entertainment PR industry. The senior executives who craft the messages behind the scenes are finally featured center stage to share lessons learned from long and varied careers.

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